How to become a YouTube tycoon

EvantubeEvan earns a tidy $1.3m dollars a year simply posting videos to YouTube of him and his family testing and reviewing different products. Sounds incredible? Yes – but what makes this even more incredible is Evan is only 8 years old and all the products he reviews are toys and video games!

What started as a fun project between Evan and his Dad making Angry Birds stop-motion videos has now turned into a very popular family friendly YouTube channel called EvanTube.

All the videos are well scripted and benefit from slick post production editing, but it is the personality of Evan and his sister, combined with the toy reviews that make this such a popular destination.

YouTube millionaires

Evan is one of the growing number of internet celebrities who have risen to fame through their YouTube videos. Others include Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie with estimated annual earnings between £715.3K – £11.4M (SocialBlade) and DisneyCollectorBR with earnings estimated between £825.2K – £13.2M per year (SocialBlade).

These millionaires make their money primarily from a revenue share of Google’s Adsense programme, which places contextual adverts onto YouTube videos.

Whenever someone clicks on an advert, Google charges the advertiser a small sum of money and shares the revenue with the video producer.

The cost per click (CPC) of each advert will vary depending on the subject matter and the demand for advertising space from advertisers, which is why the SocialBlade estimates have such large variations.

Other revenue sources can include sponsorship deals, book deals, merchandising and directing the traffic through to other digital properties.

How easy is it to make money from YouTube?

What’s interesting about EvanTube, PewDiePie, DisneyCollectorBR and many of the other popular channels is they are not media companies or celebrities in the traditional sense; instead they are individuals whose personalities have clicked with viewers and have achieved their success more by accident than design.

But whilst the idea that anyone can become an online phenomenon and earn millions from a video camera and internet connection is appealing, the challenge with YouTube is getting noticed and growing a loyal audience when thousands of new videos are being posted to the site every day.

This shouldn’t put you off from trying though, especially as internet audiences are a notably fickle bunch waiting to pounce on the next trend; just remember, in order to gain the audience size required to earn serious revenues, you need to be doing something very unique, entertaining and shareable.

Starting your own YouTube business

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