UberFacts: The Twitter account making $500,000 a year

UberfactsWhat started as a Twitter account set up to follow Britney Spears has become a hot social media commodity, earning 23 year old owner Kris Sanchez an amazing $500,000 a year posting random facts.

The Twitter account – UberFacts – has 9.4 million followers and has spawned a Facebook page with 1.27 million likes, and an Instagram account with more than 468,000 followers.

Kris started the Twitter account as a hobby to kill time when he was a student, but by 2012 he had reached 200,000 followers and was approached by an advertising network who showed him how to monetise his audience.

How UberFacts makes money

UberFacts has developed a massive audience and become a very powerful social influencer, capable of building awareness and driving traffic to individual businesses and brands.

Based primarily on the Twitter platform, it generates revenue through sponsored tweets, links and galleries. Sponsorship deals are managed through the social advertising network Social Reactor.

Social Reactor

Kris has also diversified onto the Facebook and Instagram platforms to broaden the audience engagement opportunities.

There is also an UberFacts blog which will provide future Kris with a platform that he can control and he has launched an iOS app that is reported to generate $60,000 a month.

Future plans for the expansion of the UberFacts brand include a book and potential TV deals.

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