Two Chicks: A niche super-food business finding success in UK supermarkets and abroad

Two ChicksBoth fat and cholesterol free, low in carbs and GI and an excellent source of protein; egg white has become an essential ingredient for celebrities and sports stars working hard to keep in shape.

In the US, liquid egg white in cartons has long been on sale, but when co-founder Anna Richey returned to the UK after living in Los Angeles, she couldn’t find a similar product (the alternative being to crack eggs individually and waste the yoke).

So along with her friend Alla Ouvarova, the pair set about creating their own liquid egg white product called Two Chicks to fill the gap in the market.

Two Chicks Egg WhiteSince the business launched in 2007 it has found success getting onto the shelves of the mainstream UK supermarkets, many health food stores and has also launched into international markets.

The most recent innovation is Chirps, a range of egg white based savoury snacks that are high in protein and low in fat.

The success of Two Chicks is a great reminder that people can still build businesses in the food retail market by catering for very specific niches and then building up their range of products to broaden their customer base.

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