The Haiku Guys – a $225 per hour poetry writing business

The Haiku GuysHaiku is a form of Japanese poetry traditionally printed in a single vertical column and English practitioners of Haiku tend to use three sentences to convey their verse.

For The Haiku Guys, what started as an attempt to use the poetry as a gimmick to recruit passers-by into taking part in focus-group interviews for an entrepreneurship series has turned into a very profitable sideline business.

Since establishing their business, The Haiku Guys have entertained guests at weddings, product launches, music festivals, fundraising nights and corporate events; with nothing more than an old-fashioned typewriter, a sign saying ‘Free Haiku’ and their poetry writing talent.

haiku-partyGuests can request a poem that reflects their mood and will receive a short-verse created especially for them by the poet and typed onto an attractive little notecard to take home.

Charging between $200 and $250 per hour and attending up to six events per week, allows The Haiku Guys to make some serious money out of a craft they love and the popularity of their service has enabled them to start employing other poets to service the growing demand from event organisers.

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