Businesses profiting by turning educational subjects into short, digestible clips

People absorb knowledge in different ways and this creates opportunities for learning-based businesses to transform the way information is presented from standard written format, into audio and visual media content. The following organisations are leading the initiative with new learning formats. Audio clips Audvisor is… Read more

Meural – Fixing the gimmicky image of the digital photo frame

On paper digital picture frames are a great idea – a way to rotate through your favourite memories, but in practice they don’t live up to the ideal. For a start the screens are small, the presentation low quality and the products themselves are more… Read more

Smart Gardener – A simple app to help you grow better vegetables in your garden

Whilst a handful of high-profile apps continue to achieve eye-watering IPOs, there are still plenty of profitable business opportunities for apps targeting niche audiences. And this is exactly what Kristee Rosendahl has done with her gardening app Smart Gardener. The app utilises historical weather statistics… Read more