Steve Scott made $100k in three months publishing Kindle ebooks – Here’s how you can do the same

Steve Scott Develop Good HabitsSteve Scott is nearly two years into an experiment from which he has so far managed to generate a net income of $289,944.01.

The experiment began when he started a brand new blog to help people develop better habits and combined this with the Amazon Kindle platform to create a profitable self-publishing business.

A successful affiliate marketer, Steve wanted to build the business in the public eye to show people what does and doesn’t work when you build an online business from scratch.

Perhaps one of the most interesting characteristics of this business is the self-perpetuating┬ánature – whereby the blog drives Kindle ebook sales and equally the Kindle ebooks drive new audiences to the blog, who then subscribe to the email newsletter and future promotions for further ebooks.

Steve has essentially built an authority platform.

Building an authority platform

Authority sites are websites that are renown for being the absolute trusted authority on a topic. When I want to check the quality of a hotel I go to TripAdviser, when I want an accurate news story I go to the BBC and when I want to buy a gift I go to Amazon.

All three sites benefit from being strong brands and are rewarded with word-of-mouth / social media recommendations and highly placed search engine rankings.

Steve Scott AmazonSmaller-scale authority sites are able to dominate their specific niche topic areas in the same way and are well regarded as the best way to build a sustainable online business.

Steve Scott launched the site Develop Good Habits to become an authority site in the personal development sector and to form a platform through which he can could generate multiple revenue streams through an email subscriber list, Amazon kindle ebooks, affiliate sales and app advertising.

You can freely access all the steps that Steve took to set up this business from an authority internet business hub page on his website.

Of specific interest are his income reports, which not only detail his earnings, but also his experiences and lessons learned:

Also of interest is his Amazon page where you can see the ebooks that are generating such amazing earnings –

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