Discover how a 1970s lifestyle entrepreneur created his incredible secret money machine

Secret money machineToday’s start-up and entrepreneurial world is dominated by brash wheeler dealers, techno-geeks and venture capitalists launching super-fast growth businesses to dominate whole markets and deliver multi-million dollar returns.

But not every one wants the risk, hassle or stress of growing a business, taking on employees and dealing with investors. For lifestyle business entrepreneurs the goal is to carve out a profitable living doing something that they really enjoy, without the need for bosses or employees.

Back in 1978, a book was published by Don Lancaster specifically for “craft and technical” types who wanted to create a small business “doing their thing” whether that was creating ceramic pots, designing outdoor gear, or writing computer code.

The book is called The Incredible Secret Money Machine and contains some very sage advice, strategies and tactics for people who want to build a small business doing something that they love.

Updated in 1992, the book is now available for free as a PDF download – The Incredible Secret Money Machine

The book consists of 190 pages, but J.D. Roth’s review on provides a great summary of the key principles and concepts. Another summary can be found on KK’s CoolTools.

You can also browse through Don Lancaster’s own website The Guru’s Lair – which itself does not look like it has been updated since 1992!

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