The entrepreneur always searches for change (Earnspiration Report Issue 18)

The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity - Peter Drucker

In this latest issue of the Earnspiration report find out about a step-by-step process for creating multiple income streams, how your personal brand can be used to grow your business, why large organisations should act more like cities, ten life lessons for those in their 30s and a simple tool for making things happen.

7.1 ways to create multiple streams of income

As entrepreneurs we are constantly looking for new streams of income or money machines to expand our product lines, protect our financial security and stimulate our senses.

Some income streams will be passive (e.g. investments and property), whilst others will be active and ideally based around the things we enjoy doing or deeply care about.

Whilst there is no set plan or one-size fits all blueprint for creating income streams, Hal Elrod has devised a simple step-by-step process which will help you establish your own set of multiple income streams.

Building a million dollar business from your personal brand

Neil Patel is well known and highly respected for his marketing expertise, however this is no accident and results from years spent blogging, speaking at conferences and reaching out to help people when they need advice on marketing problems.

As a result of his personal brand, Neil has been able to build and promote his own multi-million dollar businesses and shares his advice on how you can build your personal brand here.

When businesses grow make them operate like cities to increase productivity

When cities double in size they become 15% more productive, but when companies double in size, productivity declines.

Zappos founder Tony Hsieh is conducting a major organisational experiment with the online shoe retailer to introduce Holacracy – an approach that removes traditional job titles and hierarchies, allowing the organisation to self-manage and operate more like a city than a business.

The approach has already been adopted by some notable company’s including Medium, David Allen Company and UnderCurrent; however Zappos will be one of the first ‘big business’ organisations to try and operate in this way.

If it is successful, it could be the future of management, but many are skeptical.

Life lessons to excel during your 30s

After his 30th birthday, author Mark Manson reached out to his audience and asked them what advice they would give to their 30 year old selves.

Over 600 people responded and many of the responses were over a page in length.  However there were a number of common themes and Mark has distilled the key 10 life lessons for those starting their 30s into this article.

The GROW model: A tool for mentoring and making change happen

I’ve always found the best managers and leaders are those who keep things simple and the GROW model is a simple tool that you can use to run successful meetings, develop your staff and implement organisational change.

GROW stands for:

  • Goal.
  • Current reality.
  • Options (or obstacles).
  • Will (or way forward).

And a good way to think of how you use GROW is to think about how you would plan a journey.

  • Goal – where do you want to get to.
  • Current reality – where you are now.
  • Options – the various routes you can take to get to your destination.
  • Will – Ensuring you are committed and suitably equipped to make your journey.

Find out more about the GROW Model on MindTools.

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