An LA-based startup on a mission to make other startups look cool

Sandwich videoGroupon, Airbnb, Slack – Just three of the successful startups that have been propelled into the social media limelight by a small LA-based video production company called Sandwich Video.

Started in 2009 by Adam Lisagor, Sandwich specialises in making quirky, entertaining videos that tell people about cool new tech products. The videos are quick to go viral and can transform the fortunes of startup businesses by exposing them to wide audiences on the Internet.

Sandwich have a unique revenue-generating system and will often take an equity stake or revenue share with the startups they work with; most of which don’t have the necessary cash to produce and distribute a slick, promotional video.

They are also working with large corporates (with deeper pockets) – however they remain very picky about their clients, as the fundamental principle of their success is that they will only promote products that they really love.

This video is from the The Verge Small Empires series and explores what makes Sandwich Video tick…

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