The Earnspiration Report (Issue 2) – March 2014

Spring gardenAs the sun starts to shine, the evenings get longer and the trees fill with blossom, here is a Spring-tastic collection of money making and inspirational links to help motivate you towards your career and life goals…


15 rules for negotiating a job offer

How they started: the UK’s 13 most inspiring businesswomen

The downsides of job hopping, and how to grow where you’re planted

Sleep is over-rated for CEO


How thinking like a hacker will grow your business

10 young entrepreneurs to follow in 2014

Shock! Horror! Migrants behind 1 in 7 UK companies

Buying stuff and selling it on Amazon (for 6-figures a year!) (podcast)

Leadership & management

Why good managers are so rare

If you want to lead, you also need to manage

What 100 years of research shows about effective leadership

Haunted empire, Apple after Steve Jobs

13 big-time business leaders share the best advice they ever got

How to “Glow” and Become a Better Leader

Business skills

Who needs to know how to code

Email enigma: When the boss’s reply seems cryptic

An 18 minute plan for managing your day

How to have a eureka moment

How successful people stay calm

Personal branding / online profile

11 ways to build your personal brand

8 ways a digital media platform is more influential than marketing

Personal SEO: 14-point checklist to dominate your personal brand on Google

Turn yourself into a case study

Personal development

Why your long-term goals are going nowhere


Boost your freelance business with email marketing

How to confidently set and raise your freelance writing rates


How to use Youtube for local business marketing

What is the future of social media?

Content marketing leaders: multi-billion dollar company amplifies their brand with curation

The critical thing you need to earn targeted traffic – today, and into the future

What Disney and Playboy can teach you about branding

A guide on how to create a guide that’ll drive you 361,494 website visitors


This hidden indicator seems to show stunning outperformance

Longtermism: The secret to investing success

The best investment strategy? Getting out of our own way

How to prepare your portfolio for the next big crash

The best way to get rich

A beginners guide to investing in gold


Why the property market could be in trouble after the 2015 election

‘My property is going to be my pension:’ Buy-to-let landlords snap up homes as mortgage rates keep falling

The bridge that kicked off a 500% property boom

Understanding the costs of taking out a buy-to-let mortgage

Commercial property funds on the rise


Meet the 10 billionaire tycoons who rule their countries’ economies

The first million might be the easiest: How to become a millionaire by age 30

America’s most powerful CEOs 40 and under

The richest people on the planet

Books to read

The 3 best books for entrepreneurs to return to, again and again

The village stocks

Also known as the ‘Daily Mail’ corner – for all those things that wind people up!!

Royal Mail float: How banks broke promises and raked in a £323m fortune – and lost taxpayers £1bn

‘Murdering scumbags’: How did outsourcing get into this mess?

Public sector workers are biggest losers in UK’s post-recession earnings squeeze

Poor people gamble twice as much as wealthier people

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