The Earnspiration Report (Issue 5) – June 2014

MonumentWant to learn a new language in six months, re-wire your brain, discover new business opportunities, become a property tycoon and win arguments with people whose personalities are similar to Steve Jobs?

If the answer is yes, then all this and more can be found in the following 43 hand-picked links covering business, wealth and personal development.


8 steps to a six figure career

Why you will fail to have a great career (TED video)

To get a job, write your story instead of a resume

Grow your career by volunteering

Forget about learning to code – to get rich in tech, become an accountant


How pop’s shop became a $30 million business in just three generations

Yoox CEO: ‘I was going to do the Internet in a beautiful way’

Startup myths

Can the academic entrepreneur save the ivory tower?

‘I’ve run 27 businesses in total’

Leadership & management

Reid Hoffman: You can’t keep your best people forever

Collective genius – How do I build an organization capable of innovating continually over time?

Is management due for a renaissance?

7 things great leaders always do (but mere managers always fear)

Business skills

Six figure income – Learn a skill that is in high demand

Hustling on a side business? How to find the time

Steve Jobs taught this man how to win arguments with really stubborn people

9 credibility-killing meeting behaviors

Personal branding & online profile / platform

Want a better professional reputation? Try this

How to launch a successful mastermind group

Why building your own platform is essential

How to make $150,000 this year from your platform (Podcast)


7 big industries that are being reinvented all over again

Personal development

How to rewire your brain for success

How to learn any language in six months: Chris Lonsdale at TEDxLingnanUniversity (YouTube)


How a teenager from Nigeria built a five figure freelance writing business

Marketing & media

How to raise your profile on Wikipedia the right way

Beware online “filter bubbles” (TED video)

How RebelMouse’s social publishing platform can make your traffic sing like the dodo

Master this copywriting formula to dominate any social media platform


Is it smarter to save more money or earn more income?

The most effective way to build wealth

When are your “high-earning years”? A guide to how much you should be making

Albert Einstein’s philosophies for growing wealth


Meet the new class of landlords profiting from Generation Rent

Beginner’s guide to real estate investing

Buy to let investing – the low risk way

Buy-to-let replaced my salary in four years

Books to read

The 5 books every entrepreneur should toss in their beach bag

How to get rich

The village stocks

Also known as the ‘Daily Mail’ corner – for all those things that wind people up!!

Hospital dangerously short of nurses pays out six-figure sums to managers

It’s the lengths to which the rich go, and the loopholes they find, that makes their tax avoidance stink

RBS could fail due to ‘£100bn black hole’ – with British taxpayers in line to lose their entire £45bn stake

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