The Earnspiration Report (Issue 3) – April 2014

LibraryI love reading articles about business success and learning better ways of doing things from other people, and my reason for starting Earnspiration three months ago was to have a single place where I could capture all these nuggets of advice, ideas and inspiration.

Initially I was just publishing links from a small number of media sources, however I have tried to broaden my range of sources and find a more varied selection of articles from both big media outlets and personal bloggers alike.

My fear is that I am just one person and that I may be missing out on a whole range of ideas from sources that I have never even heard of – all of them lost in the content marketing chaff that is taking over the Internet!

I’m also worried that my curation is slanted to what I think is interesting and this will leave me looking for a particular ‘type’ of article or artifact, thereby missing out on new ideas or areas of thought.

So I need your help…

If you have come across or written a brilliant read, please can you let me know.

It must be high quality and it must be related to the area of ‘earning more money’, either through career development, being entrepreneurial or doing something ‘out of the ordinary’.

I now have a Twitter account and you can share your ideas by tweeting them to #earnspiration

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the 60 excellent links that I found during April:


The average Google employee earns $127,000

9 things you should tell your boss at your next performance review

How to write a killer CV

Bill Gates: people don’t realize how many jobs will soon be replaced by software bots


Seven secrets of self-made multimillionaires

How three dudes turned poker winnings into a startup that could fix the flower business

Sleeping with your business partner

‘You can make six figures’ – we test internet marketing claims

Leadership & management

Your scarcest resource

Why great leaders get angry – and show it

The best leaders make unforgettable first impressions

The single best way to stop people throwing sickies

Ferguson’s formula

As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify (Ted Talks)

Business skills

4 dirty negotiating tricks (and how to counter them)

Pricing experiments you might not know, but can learn from

How to use a semicolon – The most feared punctuation on earth

6 ways to deal with frustrating people

Yes! 50 scientifically proven ways to be persuasive

Creating a value proposition

How one mobile game developer automated success, and you can too

7 ways to master your fear of sales calls

Personal branding / online profile

Train Kick Selfie Guy is set to scoop up to $250,000 thanks to his viral video – so how can you cash in on your candid moments?

How to network with LinkedIn Groups

Personal development

The weird strategy Dr. Seuss used to create his greatest work (and why you should use it too)

A great reason to get a hobby: better work performance

The key to lasting behavioral change: think goal, not tactic

How to change your life: a user’s guide

What casual learning can do for your career

How the ‘Seinfeld Strategy’ can help you stop procrastinating


Should you ever work for free? The answer might surprise you…

First time contracting? Guide to setting yourself up as a contractor

Five freelance / work from home job sites that actually pay well

Marketing & media

The weird, Willy Wonka content factory: behind the scenes at Vice

A beginner’s social media guide for small businesses

Agile content marketing: how to attract an audience that builds your business

Meet the biggest publishing company you’ve never heard of

How to rebrand: 19 questions to ask before you start

How to build a brand that attracts die-hard followers

Latest trends in headline creation and their success


The NISA rules

How the stock market and economy really work

Here’s a money-making strategy: save more

You need an investing system


Forget London, it’s far too pricey! I launched my property start-up in Berlin instead – and bought 1,000 flats

The Ghost of Negative Equity will stalk the land again – a cautionary mortgage tale from 25 years ago

35 expensive things you’ll need in your dream house when you’re a millionaire

The London property bubble’s days are numbered

British farmland prices rising faster than prime London property

The world’s top 20 castles for sale


Dr. Dre’s net worth: $550 Million in 2014

When saving for 10 years pays more than saving for 40

Reader study: getting rich in Manhattan… on $65k/year

The wild and crazy career paths of 5 self-made billionaires

The Fabulous Life Of Tech Billionaire Marc Benioff

Books to read

5 business books you should read this Spring

25 unconventional business books that you won’t see on most bookshelves (but should)

3 books to help you form better habits, be more creative and think like a leader

The village stocks

Pay booms for building societies’ chiefs as millions of savers are hit with more than 1,000 interest rate cuts

The misery of metrics and measurements destroying job satisfaction


Image source: Bev Goodwin

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