This Uber-style delivery service could put the brakes on Amazon

PostmatesFrom fleets of delivery trucks to hi-tech drones, Amazon is constantly innovating in its logistical quest to provide faster, same-day customer deliveries; enabling it to dominate the retail industry.

However new mobile technology is allowing small retailers to fight back – especially in the area of home delivery.

Postmates is one such example.  The startup operates a network of couriers across 18 U.S. cities and works on the same principle as Uber, the app that has disrupted the whole taxi industry.

Using the Postmates app, customers can get meals, groceries and other goods quickly delivered to them from local restaurants and stores.

In addition to this, Postmates has developed a way to integrate their technology with that of local stores, allowing customers to search through the inventories of those stores and have the products delivered same-day.

This helps to place small retailers on the same level of Amazon in terms of reach and convenience, and as more retailers join the Postmates network, the app grows in its appeal as an Amazon or Walmart alternative.

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