Create a profitable income stream selling your photos online

Dreamstime websiteDemand for high quality photostock images continues to grow amongst digital publishers and designers looking for unique and exciting images to capture the attention of their audiences.

Overall the process for selling your photos online is simple:

  • Capture photos of scenery, people, animals or objects
  • Upload them to a popular photostock website
  • Sit back and collect the royalties each time someone purchases the right to use one of your photos

However, setting up a full-time or part-time income selling your photography is a little bit more involved than that!

Did you know for example, when you submit an image showing a person’s face, you must also provide a disclaimer signed by that person giving their permission for the image to be sold?

Then there is the need to stand out from the competition with distinctive and unusual shots. Let’s face it, any regular Joe can snap a few images of his computer keyboard and other workspace objects around him – so demand will be low and income negligible.

But real profits can still be made by those prepared to put in the effort and provide the market with interesting and unusual photos that people really want; and once you have successfully uploaded a series of popular photos, they effectively form a passive income stream.

Here are four resources to help you set up your own photostock income stream:

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