Smart Gardener – A simple app to help you grow better vegetables in your garden

Whilst a handful of high-profile apps continue to achieve eye-watering IPOs, there are still plenty of profitable business opportunities for apps targeting niche audiences. And this is exactly what Kristee Rosendahl has done with her gardening app Smart Gardener. The app utilises historical weather statistics… Read more

Neil Patel – How to make $100,000 a month within one year

3 x start-up entrepreneur and online marketing expert Neil Patel has outlined a challenge on his blog QuickSprout to show how anyone can build a business from scratch and within a one year period have it generating $100,000 a month in income. Neil has asked… Read more

Clippet – Tapping the millennial market with short-form news digests

Media businesses are constantly looking for new ways to access the profitable, but fastidious and highly inconsistent millennial audience. Take the Independent for example; a UK-based newspaper who have supplemented their mainstream website with a Buzzfeed-like initiative called i100 (a list of hundred articles covering… Read more

Build an email newsletter business with curated content

There are now over a billion websites online, meaning we are awash with information and for the last few years the ‘content is king’ mantra has seen even greater proliferation of content production by businesses trying to capture web audiences. Fortunately we have tools like… Read more

Two Chicks: A niche super-food business finding success in UK supermarkets and abroad

Both fat and cholesterol free, low in carbs and GI and an excellent source of protein; egg white has become an essential ingredient for celebrities and sports stars working hard to keep in shape. In the US, liquid egg white in cartons has long been… Read more