A one page business idea that is now worth a $100 million dollars

1-PageIn 2002, Patrick G. Riley published the best selling book The One-Page Proposal, which described how he had helped businesses find success selling and pitching with a single page proposal.

Fastforward to 2015 and the business that Riley founded with his daughter Joanna Weidenmiller – 1-Page – has just floated on the Australian stock market and has a market cap of $100 million (source).

Floating on the Australian exchange is an unusual move for a San Francisco based business, however Weidenmiller (who heads up the company) wanted to avoid taking too much funding from venture capitalists and the listing requirements for the Australian exchange are much simpler than those for the NASDAQ.

The 1-Page business

Operating in the recruitment technology sector, 1-Page is a platform that enables job seekers to pitch their skills and expertise to businesses in the form of a one-page proposal.

The platform leverages advanced data analytics to match job seekers with recruiters and focuses on the future potential of what candidates can offer to an employer, rather than on what they did in the past.

Getting job seekers to pitch themselves towards specific challenges or projects set by potential employers, rather than just stating previous experience is a completely new twist on the traditional resume and 1-Page is expected to become a highly disruptive force within the recruitment industry.

1-Page Proposal resources

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