Neil Patel – How to make $100,000 a month within one year

Neil Patel3 x start-up entrepreneur and online marketing expert Neil Patel has outlined a challenge on his blog QuickSprout to show how anyone can build a business from scratch and within a one year period have it generating $100,000 a month in income.

Neil has asked his readers to suggest the business he should build and provided three suggestions, although other suggestions are also welcome.

(Extract taken directly from QuickSprout):

Nutrition blog — I start a blog on health and fitness and grow it to $100,000 in monthly income. The income will be generated through affiliate programs and ads. Keep in mind that I am not known in this space, so my personal brand won’t help me here.

Mastermind group – sure I’m known as a popular blogger, but very few people come to me for business advice. If I created a mastermind group, I would generate all of the revenue through Facebook ads in order to make it a bit more challenging. That means I won’t use or Quick Sprout to help.

New software company – I’ll create a piece of software in the marketing space and get it to over $100,000 in new monthly income. If you pick this option, I will be leveraging my existing audience as it takes months to create something you would be willing to pay for. In essence, I would only have six months to hit $100,000 a month in income as the first six months would be used for software development.

Reading through the comments on his blog post, it looks like most people are interested in seeing Neil build the nutrition blog, followed closely by the software company. There is much less interest in the mastermind group.

Visit Neil’s blog post to find out more about the challenge and vote for your choice.

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