Meural – Fixing the gimmicky image of the digital photo frame

MeuralOn paper digital picture frames are a great idea – a way to rotate through your favourite memories, but in practice they don’t live up to the ideal.

For a start the screens are small, the presentation low quality and the products themselves are more gimmicky than aspirational.

But art-tech startup Meural has big plans to shake this up. Instead of a small screen in a forgotten corner of the room revolving through family pictures, Meural have created a large matte LCD screen, with a frame hand-made from maple wood, which deserves to be mounted at a focal point in your room – just like a fine work of art.

And it is fine works of art that will be displayed on the screen, as Meural is working with galleries, museums, artists, designers and photographers to curate a selection of amazing images that owners can download through the Meural app and display on their screen.

The screen technology has been developed to make the artwork lifelike, so you can see the texture and brushstrokes in the paintings, whilst the app allows owners to explore a whole world of fine art and choose images to fit their moods.

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