MarkForged: The desktop carbon fibre 3D printer that will transform this fast-growing industry

MarkForgedGregory Mark produces computer-controlled racing car wings for the motorsports industry. He uses a strong and lightweight material called carbon fibre, but the problem is creating car parts from carbon fibre can be tricky.

The best method is also the most expensive and difficult; requiring laying up the carbon fibre pieces by hand.

To speed up the process Mark looked at 3D printers, however these are largely limited to plastics, which don’t have the strength or rigidity of carbon fibre.

With nothing on the market to meet his need, Mark and his colleagues set about building their own 3D printer – the MarkForged Mark One –  first carbon fibre 3D printer in the world.

Described as the Mac of 3D printing, the Mark One has a simplistic aluminum design and its compact size allows it to sit on top of a desk.

Its ability to 3D print with a material that is as strong as aluminum opens the Mark One up to broad range of real-world applications that plastic printing 3D printers could not cater for and the fact that the $4,999 price tag makes this printer accessible to consumers as well as businesses, could mean a revolution in niche manufacturing, covering everything from prosthetics to tools and fixtures.

See the Mark One 3D printer in action

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