You’ve gotta learn if you want to earn (Earnspiration Report Issue 6)

Learn to earnIf you want to earn more then you’ve got to be prepared to learn, learn and learn some more.

Learning new skills, techniques and approaches not only makes you more employable, but also opens your mind to different ideas and opportunities.

You don’t have to limit your learning to work-related things either.  Learning about fun stuff is just as good.

Take woodwork for example.  It has nothing to do with my line of work; but learning how to make my own workbench for the garage has not only been fun, it has also taught me to think more about design, preparation, material choice and time management – all skills that can help me in my career.

Did you know you can learn a new skill with just twenty hours of dedicated practice and learning?

Most people spend their evenings watching television – three hours a night of passive entertainment, but what if they used that time to enhance their learning instead?

How much more interesting, skilled and fulfilled would they feel if they switched from passive entertainment to active learning?

How much more money would they be able to earn?

Inspiring links and resources

Every week I actively scour the web for new interesting and inspiring articles and videos.  Here is the latest selection:


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Books to read

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