How to make money from Airbnb

Airbnb businessAirbnb was started in 2008 as a peer-to-peer sofa-surfing website for students and travelers on a budget, but has since moved more up-market to offer high quality and interesting accommodation in thousands of places around the world.

Whilst Airbnb has made billions of dollars for its founders, it also offers entrepreneurial folk a chance to build an income from the sharing economy, with several ways to make money, including:

  • Renting out one or more rooms in your home
  • Renting out your whole home
  • Buying an apartment and renting it out
  • Renting an apartment and sub-letting it out
  • Managing listings and rentals on behalf of other property owners

The following guides have been selected for their tips, advice and insight into running a profitable and successful Airbnb business:

How to make a killing on Airbnb – Two Airbnb experts offer tips to make your property rain money.

Secrets of running a six-figure Airbnb business – How a former options trader has replaced his previous income letting out apartments on Airbnb.

How top earners on Airbnb make serious money – Krista Paul, an Airbnb pro shares her tips on successfully renting out a room.

A filmmaker says he made over $200,000 by renting out his home on Airbnb – How you can use your home and Airbnb to pay off a large debt.

The Afford Anything Airbnb experiment series – Journalist and real estate entrepreneur Paula Pant rents out one her apartments through Airbnb to compare the experience and profits to traditional letting:

Airbnb sounds like a great money-making opportunity, but it can also have its drawbacks, as these articles show:

This is a good reminder that even if you are just using Airbnb to create a sideline income, you still need to do things properly to minimise the risk of problems occuring, so on a final note find out how to avoid getting screwed on Airbnb.

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