How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis

Felix DennisFelix Dennis is very rich.  In fact he is one of the richest individuals in the UK and if you’ve not heard of him before, you are bound to have heard of at least one of the titles in his vast magazine and online publishing business.

Maxim, The Week, Auto Express, PC Pro and many more titles form the stable of Dennis Publishing, the business that Felix started in the early 1970s from a draughty bedsit office, with a knackered old typewriter.

Yes indeed, Dennis is one of the few individuals in this world who is fully qualified to write a book titled ‘How To Get Rich’.

What’s in the book?

Part-guide, part-biography; the book takes you through the key events of Dennis’ career and discusses the personal sacrifices and tough, single-minded commitment that you need to make if you want to become seriously loaded.

There are some harsh home-truths here and Dennis pulls no punches about abandoning friendships and relationships with people who could hold you back mentally and emotionally, making sure you work for yourself – not for other people, and dealing with your fear of failure.

Inter-meshed amongst the story-line are the tips, advice and business anecdotes – the golden nuggets of thinking directly from a millionaire’s mind – that will help you in your own career, such as

  • Using your time as an employee to build experience and contacts that you can utilise for your own business
  • The power of focus
  • How to delegate
  • The art of negotiating

These may all be common topics in the business media, but by using his own experience and examples, Dennis is able to make them so much more interesting and relevant.

This is the type of book that will easily fire the entrepreneurial flame within, but it also caveats the less rosier side of building a business and having great wealth – despite the title, this is not a get rich quick book by any means.

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More about Felix Dennis

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Felix Dennis reads a poem from the beginning of his book How To Get Rich, capturing the essence of what you will learn…

Image source: The Week

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