Now is the time to write your ‘future history’ (Earnspiration Report Issue 8)

Muhammad AliDing, ding – round 4 and Muhammad Ali resumes the fight with veteran boxer Archie Moore.  Before the fight Ali had publically predicted ‘Archie Moore will fall in four’.

Moore responded saying he had perfected a new punch called ‘The Lip-Buttoner’, but sure enough Ali beat him with a knockout in the fourth round.

This wasn’t the only time that Ali had successfully predicted the defeat of an opponent (down to the exact round) and he attributed this to a powerful visualisation technique called his ‘future history’.

Prior to a fight Ali would visualise himself progressing through the whole event and see himself victorious at the end.  He would immerse himself in his imagination and repeat the ‘dress-rehearsal’ in his mind over again and again.

Developing a visualisation technique like Ali’s ‘future history’ takes time and commitment to achieve, but it pays off in dividends.

Most people stumble through life simply responding to change – then they wander why they are so unhappy or dissatisfied.

Very few people actually set out with a sense of intention and proactively try to shape what they do or where they end up.

Even fewer people take the time to identify their goals, write them down and constantly review their progress towards them.

So why not do your future-self a favour?

Take time out to visualise what your ideal future life will look like.  Write it down on a piece of paper, add your own drawings or magazine cut-outs and keep that paper somewhere safe, but easily accessible.

Then start working backwards and determining how you got yourself to your future goal.  Take the time to immerse yourself in your imagination and discover the steps you had to take to get to that ideal destination.

Make these steps your plan.  Write them down in a list and make sure you frequently revisit your future history, whilst continuing to do the mental dress rehearsals for getting there.

Muhammad Ali lived his life with intention and a strong sense of vision, which made him so successful in his chosen career.  The sooner we start to follow his example and write our future history, the sooner we will arrive in our own ideal place.

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