Clippet – Tapping the millennial market with short-form news digests

ClippetMedia businesses are constantly looking for new ways to access the profitable, but fastidious and highly inconsistent millennial audience.

Take the Independent for example; a UK-based newspaper who have supplemented their mainstream website with a Buzzfeed-like initiative called i100 (a list of hundred articles covering a broad range of topics, where readers can click to vote for their favourite articles, which are then pushed up the list).

Younger audiences want to know what is going on, but they also want to receive the information in a way that is convenient to their lives, making short-form news digests a popular choice. This explains why Yahoo! paid $30m for the mobile app Summly, which uses algorithms to pull together daily news stories and present them as short text summaries (you can now access this at Yahoo! News Digest).

Following this trend is another UK-based start-up called Clippet.


Co-founded by James MacLeod (Rupert Murdoch’s grandson), Clippet provides a daily selection of 10 news stories digested into one-minute audio clips which you can either listen to online or automatically download to your Clippet app via wifi each morning before you leave home.

Revenue model:

The revenue model for Clippet is not much different from old-school media:

  • Step 1 – Build an audience.
  • Step 2 – With an audience established, secure content syndication and sponsorship deals to generate profit.

However, where Clippet can differentiate itself is through the content, specifically the political angle of the news stories and focusing on the issues that matter most to the millennial audience.

Find out more about Clippet.

Other short-form platforms

Podcasts are great for short-form news, as you can listen to them whilst doing other things. Alternative platforms for more visual content would be YouTube or Vine (distributing the videos through Twitter).

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