Entrepreneurial inspiration, African style (Earnspiration Report Issue 14)

MengiForbes recently profiled the top ten motivational quotes from Tanzanian multi-millionaire Reginald Mengi.

Mengi who owns one of Tanzania’s largest conglomerates (consisting of gold mines, bottling plants, television stations and newspapers), is also a prolific Tweeter and his short posts inspire and inform over a 100,000 followers.

It is from this Twitter profile that Forbes gleaned their ten quotes of wisdom and my favourite three are:

  • “Everything you see is the product of someone’s imagination or dream. What is your imagination? What’s your dream?”
  • “Focus on what you are best at and not what you are weakest at.”
  • “I believe one of the secrets of success and good health is to work like a donkey and after work, chill /cool like a king.”

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