How to ensure you always pick winning shares

Professional gambler Alex Bird made a fortune betting on horse race photo finishes and Terry Smith, founder and chief executive of Fundsmith explains how the same principle can be used to reliably pick winning shares.

Freeports – the Über-warehouses for the ultra-rich

Personal storage depots have being around for years – making a tidy profit holding onto all the useless junk we don’t have space for at home, but can’t bear to throw away. But now the rich are getting in on the scene and around the… Read more

Edible Arrangements – How an idea people laughed at turned into a $500m business

Former flower shop owner Tariq Farid began pitching his idea for edible fruit bouquets to industry experts in 1999, but was told the idea was useless and he should stick to flowers. However after showing his mum one of the bouquets she said to him… Read more

Flow Hive – Beekeeper invention to tap honey without opening the hive

Beekeepers rejoice – the long and complicated task of extracting honey from your hives has been simplified by a new crowdfunded invention that that allows you to fill your jars with honey at the turn of a tap. Flow Hive was invented by a father… Read more

Crunchboards – Software to predict the future of your business proves a hit

CrunchBoards enables business owners to understand their exact financial position – who owes what, is cashflow flowing, are they in the position to hire or procure – all in real time. Sounds simple enough, but the software is a major time-saver to business owners and… Read more